Carnival Rides Special Events - Make Your Special Events into Spectacular Events

 Fundraising can be difficult. Even simple party planning can be a chore – it’s just too easy to fall into the same rut of bake sales, banquet dinners, and picnics. Carnival rides special events from Christiansen Amusements take ordinary events and turn them into something magical. We’ve worked with dozens of non-profits and public interest groups, so whether you’re planning large-scale fundraisers or community events, we can help.

We’ve worked with a variety of different civic groups to create carnival rides special events:

  • Downtown business associations
  • Parks associations
  • Churches
  • Public and private schools
  • Community festivals

Some groups want an interesting, large-scale fundraising effort. We have a plan for that. Your group can sell tickets in advance and handle advertising and promotions, and we handle all of the setup, breakdown, and cleanup, and give you a percentage off the gross receipts. All of the midway games and carnival rides are run by our experienced, professional staff. Our carnival rides special events can accommodate thousands of people – perfect for community events.

Other groups simply want to rent our midway games or carnival rides outright, without worrying about profit and loss. This arrangement is common for churches who want to provide safe, alternative fall festivals and other groups (from corporations to schools) who simply want to have a party. We can rent any adult and kiddie rides that you want out of our selection of 40 carnival rides, plus midway games and tents. And all carnival rides special events are run by our staff.

We have extensive experience working on fundraising for carnival rides special events. We can offer advice on your location, crowd size, and carnival rides selection. Good planning will make your event a success.

Carnival rides special events bring a touch of whimsy and pure fun to whatever event you’re planning. From the romantic Ferris wheel to spinning teacups and the strong-man high striker, carnival rides and games evoke childlike joy and will make your special events something to remember.