Do Something Different with a Carnival Rides Party

The first grind and jerk as a car begins moving on the tracks, that thrill when the lapbar comes down, the bright lights that start flashing on at twilight – the images from a carnival linger in your memory. You can tag some of that magic and fun by turning your next event into a carnival rides party.

Christiansen Amusements has done massive carnival rides party events for corporate and civic occasions like golf tournaments, downtown association block parties, and founders day events. We’ve also done carnival rides party for children’s birthdays and school spring flings. From a few dozen friends and family to a crowd of thousands, a carnival rides party brings that same level of excitement and pure joy.

We have 40 different rides to choose from, and you can rent any or all rides for your event. Our carnival rides fall into three different types:

  • Kiddie rides, like the alligator ride, bees ride, and bumper cars
  • Major rides, which include long-time favorites like the Ferris wheel and Casino
  • Spectacular rides, like the Gravitron and Zipper, for those with a taste for adrenaline

The whole point of a carnival rides party is to have fun! Everyone – families, couples, even single people and groups of friends – can find some kind of adventure at a carnival rides party. Carnival rides are absolutely timeless, and every glimpse of the midway lights or the flash of a rollercoaster car is just like the first time. That magic is why a carnival rides party is such a treat for groups of any size.

When you plan a carnival rides party with Christiansen Amusements, we take care of all of the details, like insurance, ride operators, and the setup and breakdown of the rides. With an excellent safety rating (less than 5% incidence rate), you can be confident that your carnival rides party is going to be a safe time for everyone.