The Inside Scoop on California Carnival Games

 California carnival games evoke some of the best moments of childhood – a little bit of competition, the thrill of winning a prize. The bright colors, clangs and music, and shouts of excitement are the natural soundtrack to California carnival games, and you can capture that magic at your next event with the help of Christiansen Amusements.

Christiansen Amusements has 35 different midway games, covering all of the traditional favorites, for all ages and skill levels:

  • Goldfish
  • Balloon and dart throw
  • Milk can toss
  • Ring toss
  • High striker
  • Duck shooting gallery
  • Basketball throw

Because of the balmy weather and penchant for outdoor events in California carnival games are an excellent way to add some excitement and nostalgia to whatever party you’re planning. We know how important it is to fit the carnival games you select to the event that you’re planning. Whether it’s a child’s birthday party, a community festival, or a corporate picnic, we can help you design your California carnival games event and choose the perfect games for you. You can rent a handful of carnival games or all games (for crowds of thousands), and we take care of the details:

  • Setup and breakdown
  • Prizes
  • Staffing for all games
  • Insurance

We only offer full-sized California carnival games, exactly like the kind you’ll find at a large fair. All of our California carnival games are in large, breezy 16'x26' tents. These California carnival games are open on all four sides, which makes it easy for crowds of any size to queue up and participate. Trailer games (in a solid stand) and lineup games (tents) are both wider and shallower than center games and allow up to 10 people to line up to participate in games at one time.

Based in Escondido in southern California, Christiansen Amusements can deliver carnival games to anywhere in southern California, and even to events as far as Las Vegas.